WE'VE GONE ELECTRIC! ...Reducing Our Carbon Footprint.


Keeping students safe & helping protect other road users (Pedestrians, Bicyclists & Vehicles, etc.) are 2 of the highest priorities here at Preferred Driver.  Your 2022 PATRIOT BLUE CHEVY BOLT EV STUDENT DRIVER has been fitted with a passenger side (instructor assist) brake. It also includes the newest vehicle technologies and comforts such as...

  • Advanced Airbag Protection System
  • Automatic LED Headlights & LED Daytime Running Lights 
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Digital Speedometer Display
  • HIGH DEF Rear View Camera System
  • Lane Assist & Blind Spot Monitor TECHNOLOGY
  • Full electronic height & lumbar support
  • Heated steering wheel & seats...for those COLD Wisconsin winters :O)

        ...just to name a few.

Let us help you understand the rules of the road. You'll be taught what it takes to become a confident & defensive driver all the while courteously sharing the road with others.

Your instructor is a highly knowledgable & experienced driver, so be rest assured that you are in the safest of hands!

We often reach maximum student capacity due to our high demand.

Packages (if available) will be offered on the registration page. 

(Unfortunately we do not offer a waiting list)

...Thank you for checking us out!


- Shawn Oleson (Owner & Instructor)

Driving Lessons (Limited Enrollment*)

  NOTE - Students must have their classroom completion information (Notification of Transfer) on file with Preferred Driver Education before their Driving Lessons can begin.

* Enrollment tends to fill up quickly due to our HIGH demand!

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