Driver Education FAQs

When can I get my TEMPS?

You must be enrolled in a WI approved driver education course and be @ least 15 years & 6 months of age to get your TEMPS.

Is there a phone number to contact the DMV?

For information about WI instruction permits (TEMPS), licensing requirements or any other questions, contact the DMV @ (608) 266 - 2353

When and where can I take my WI road skills test?

You become eligible to take your driving test 6 months after you are issued an instruction permit (assuming satisfactory completion of your classroom and behind-the-wheel lessons). You are welcome to take your road skills test at any WI DMV service center offering the road skills test. Just make sure you are prepared before you arrive to take your driver's license test...Confidence, Common sense & Courtesy are KEY!

How and when can I schedule a road skills test?

Schedule ONLINE! (recommended) 


Call (608) 266 - 2353 to schedule with a WI DMV agent

*Remember - An appointment is required to take a road test.